If life was perfect, there would be no reason to write it down.

The messes are where we live and learn and make memories. Sometimes those are good memories. Other times they are excruciatingly painful. But, our memories are what make us who we are today and help us to grow into who we want to become.

This journey of life has not been easy, but I do not want to forget a single moment of it so that I can (hopefully) not make the same mistakes twice and remember all of the blessings along the way. Maybe, just maybe, our experiences can help someone else along the way as well.

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David and I have been married since 2013 (+2) but more on that later. We have been trying to get pregnant since September 2015, and after a year, my doctor told me to go see a specialist. I’ve started a few blogs and deleted them after just a few posts, but going through this process has been different and after journaling about it, David encouraged me to start sharing what I was writing. We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and yes, we sing the song every time we cross the state line. We have two dogs, Lady is a maltese and Ellie is a golden retriever.